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Cine to DVD

We can copy your precious 8mm & 16mm cine to DVD or USB.  Each individual frame will be scanned to achieve the highest quality transfer.  

Each film is lightly cleaned throughout its full length to remove any loose dust or dirt before transfer.

Our 8 mm film equipment doesn't use the film's sprocket holes to drive the film past the camera, this helps to protect your film from damage as old cine film can become brittle with age.

After each frame has been scanned, it is stored on one of our computers.  Once the complete reel has been transferred our software will then join up all the separate images to produce the film. Cine film was shot at 16,18 or 24 frames per second, our software inserts extra frames copied from your original ones, to convert it to 25 frames per second for television viewing, this reduces any flicker. Colour, brightness etc will be adjusted where possible to improve the results before storing on DVD or USB

Royalty free background music can be added to each film if required.

A photo of your choice can be scanned and a copy of it put onto the DVD case cover. Please send your photo ( preferably landscape format) with your order.

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